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Hemerocallis 'Paradero'
<transcy>Hemerocallis &#39;Paradero&#39; - 3 to 10 pcs</transcy>
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  • Load image into Gallery view, &lt;transcy&gt;Hemerocallis &#39;Paradero&#39; - 3 to 10 pcs&lt;/transcy&gt;

Hemerocallis 'Paradero' - 3 to 10 pcs

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This Hemerocallis 'Paradero' is a real eye-catcher in gardens: this is due to its sharp shape and its point-like leaves, which make it stand out immediately! Unique to this daylily is that the inner leaves have a dark purple color with a bright yellow center, but the outermost leaves of this flower have a sweet, soft lilac color. The outer leaves curl downwards, making the tips of the inner leaves look tough.

The plant grows to between 40 and 80 cm high and gives full bloom the first year. After the flowering period, the flower dies and just returns the following year! A Hemerocallis is also called a 'day lily' and is available in many shapes, sizes and colors.

We select the best plants from our fields that we offer here as rhizomes. This plant has been freshly harvested and is ready to be planted as soon as you receive it. After a few days you will see the plant appearing above the ground, and you will see the first flowers after a few weeks.